Blank Mountings -  You have your own stones and now you need settings to put them in. We can help. We have thousands of different settings to choose from. Rings, earrings, pendants, slides and bracelets. Use our Price Calculator to get instant price estimates and our online Order Form to place your order. Our settings are designed to fit calibrated stones of many different sizes and shapes: oval, octagon, pear, round, marquise, square and trillion. You choose the metal that you want them cast in: 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold or sterling silver.  Gold can be done in either yellow or white gold. You also choose what level you would like us to finish your settings to.  Any level from rough casting to setting your stones.
EWI Jewelry
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We are a casting company with a focus on jewelry. Whether we are casting your designs for you or our own we provide high quality workmanship in every piece we make. If you need your own designs cast and finished, need settings to mount your stones in or you are looking for wholesale finished jewelry to sell we can accommodate you. All of our manufacturing is done in the United States.
We offer Domestic and International shipping.

Your Designs - If you are a designer that creates and sells your designs at trade/craft shows, web stores or galleries and need to put more of your focus on creating new designs and selling your product instead of the repetition of making the same components or pieces over and over again then we can help. We can free up some of your time by molding, casting and finishing your pieces for you. You simply supply us with a prototype of the pieces you need made, let us know how many of each you need, whether you need them cast in gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze or copper and we take it from there. Your designs belong to you and we will not manufacture or sell them to anyone other than you. Maybe you just need some of your wax creations cast, we can do this as well. Click here for more information.
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