Casting for Designers, Artisans and Jewelers
What we do:
We offer mold making and casting services to individuals or companies with a need to replicate designs that you own or if you have any wax designs that you made or purchased we would be happy to cast them for you. We use the “lost wax” method for casting. All of our manufacturing is done in the U.S.A.
How we do it:
Typically we start with a design made of metal, wax or plastic (3D Print), although we have had some success molding actual insects, twigs from tree branches, sea shells or other materials. If you are starting with just an idea on paper then you can do an internet search for “Rapid Prototyping” to find a company that can take your sketch and transform it into an actual 3D piece made of plastic, wax or metal. If you require a “Trademark” on your pieces then this will need to be incorporated on your prototype prior to sending it to us to make the mold, otherwise we will not be able to add it to your designs. When you have an actual prototype is when we come in.
Using your piece we can make a mold which is usually complete within 1 – 2 business days of receiving your prototype. We use a couple of different types of rubber for this and we will determine which type better serves your needs. Your molds will be assigned a number specific to you and we will store your molds at our facility to make ordering simple for you. We will not manufacture or sell your designs to anyone except you. Your prototypes (masters) will be returned to you for safe keeping and will be labeled with the corresponding mold number. We strongly recommend that you keep your prototypes (masters) in a safe place and never use them as a finished piece in the event that another mold has to be made for whatever reason as well as it will give you something to reference your mold numbers for reordering.

After we have a mold of your piece then we are ready to start production of your designs where we can make just a few pieces for you or even hundreds to fulfill your requirements. We do not have a “Minimum Order” requirement.
Now that we have your molds complete we are ready to start injecting them with wax to make a wax replica for each piece you ordered. Once we have the quantity of wax replicas that you ordered we assemble them on a "wax tree". This wax tree is built with a wax sprue in the center which allows for the passage of molten metal later in the process and is attached to a rubber base. Once all of your wax pieces have been assembled on the tree we assemble a metal canister (flask) around the outside of the tree which fits inside the rubber base. We now fill the flask with investment (a material similar to plaster of paris). The investment hardens and the rubber base is removed from the flask. The flask's are then put into an oven and taken to a temperature exceeding 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This melts out the wax and leaves an impression on the inside of the wax tree. The flask's are now ready for casting. The metal you specified for your pieces is now melted and the flask is assembled in a centrifugal casting machine and the metal is spun into the flask. Your tree is now metal. After some cleaning to remove the excess investment your metal pieces are cut from the tree and ready to begin the finishing processes.
Unless you specify otherwise, your pieces will be finished to a slick and shiny finish. If you prefer to do some of the finishing yourself then just let us know to what level you want us to take your pieces to. Your pieces will go through various grinding, tumbling and polishing processes to remove the sprue and achieve the brightest finish. We do offer adding “Patina” (a.k.a. oxidation) on your sterling silver, brass or bronze pieces which will add a grayish/black color to the lower lying design features while the higher, more exposed surfaces will be shiny. This gives your piece an antique look while making some of the finer details of your design stand out. The “Patina” is an optional process and has to be requested, additional charges will apply.
Your casting options:
We can cast your pieces in gold (10K, 14K & 18K; yellow, white or rose), sterling silver, brass, bronze or copper (some designs may not be suitable to cast in copper). We do not do any plating so your pieces will be cast solid in the metal you choose.
With endless design possibilities quoting prices is impossible to do unless we have the piece in hand to measure and weigh it. The best way to get a quote is to send us your prototype and we can call or email you a quote. You can email us pictures and information about the piece and we sometimes can give you a general idea but we will not give a firm quote until we have the piece in hand. When we quote you prices we will include a quote for mold making and manufacturing the piece. Mold making is typically a one-time start up charge for each design.
Reordering your designs is as simple as an email or phone call. Because you will have your masters labeled with their corresponding mold numbers and we are storing your molds you simply email or call with your name, business name (if applicable), mold numbers, metal to be cast in and the quantities of each design. You can order the same mold in multiple metals (e.g. Mold # XX-XX, 50 pcs. in S.S. and 50 pcs. in Bronze)

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